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If you were in a Maryland car accident that you believe was caused by another driver who was texting behind the wheel, you may need to take steps to prove it and pass all liability onto them. the Law Office of Robert Castro, and our Maryland & Washington DC Texting & Driving Accidents Lawyers can come to your assistance and help you file a claim that is backed by crucial evidence and professional experience.

For more than 50 collective years, we have been helping people through some of the most complex and high-stakes legal situations around. We would be happy to let you know what we can do for your claim during a FREE initial consultation.

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Why Texting & Driving is Such a Dangerous Activity

A distracted driver is a dangerous driver, there is no contesting that fact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that there are three primary ways a driver can become distracted.

The three forms of driver distraction are:

  • Manual: Removing hands from the steering wheel and/or gearshift to hold something else.
  • Visual: Taking eyes off the road and rearview mirrors.
  • Cognitive: Thinking of something other than the task of driving.

Texting behind the wheel contributes to so many car accidents – between 20% and 40%, according to several estimates – because it engages a driver in all three forms of distraction. Picking up a phone, for even five seconds, can distract a driver long enough to have their car traverse the length of a football field without the driver paying attention to what is in front and around them.

Proving Liability in a Texting & Driving Crash

Most drivers know that texting while driving is illegal, and yet they participate in the dangerous behavior all the same. After a collision is caused through their negligence, a distracted driver may attempt to hide their illegal actions behind lies and exaggerations, claiming that they were not texting at the time of the crash.

In such situations, it may be necessary to go to extra lengths to discover the truth. This most often means getting access to phone records through a court order to see cellphone activity just before the accident occurred. If there is data that shows texts, videos, and apps were being accessed, it can be used as evidence in your favor.

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