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If you were injured in a car accident that was caused by a reckless or negligent driver, we at the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A. are here to help you. With 50 years of collective legal experience to our name, we can enable you to regain some control over your life by taking legal action against the at-fault driver. How? By presenting an injury claim against the driver’s insurance carrier that can stand up to scrutiny and disputes from the insurance defense representatives.

You and your loved ones shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial consequences of an accident you didn’t cause. It is our mission to collect every last penny of compensation you are owed so you don’t have to.

Why Choose Our Waldorf, Maryland Car Accident Lawyers?

  • Trial lawyers with decades of proven experience
  • We often work on a no recovery, no fee basis
  • Every phone call is returned within 24 hours
  • We offer weekend and evening appointments

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Contingency Fees May Apply

Contingency fees are available for most of the Waldorf, Maryland car accident cases we accept, but what does that mean for you, our client? A contingency fee agreement means we do not require any attorney fees to be paid unless we win your claim by securing a settlement or verdict in your favor. No matter what your financial situation may be after being hit by a reckless driver, you can still retain our services due to our contingency fees.

If we do win your car accident case, then contingency fees will pay us a percentage of your award or settlement amount. You do not need to worry about us making more than you in a successful case due to this percentage-based system. It might even be possible that a judge orders the defendant to pay your attorney fees at the end of the case, which means you don’t technically pay us anything.

Damages to Cite in a Car Accident Claim

We want to secure every cent of compensation, such as damages for:

  • Medical bills: Any cost of medical treatment for your injuries should come from the liable party. Emergency medical care, hospitalization, medications, and more can all show up on your medical bill.
  • Physical therapy: It is common for car accident survivors to need continuing physical therapy and rehabilitation after being released from the hospital for initial care. The lifelong cost of these therapies can range well into the thousands.
  • Lost wages: Even if you were given disability pay after being in a car accident, you can still demand any experienced gaps in your wages from the driver that hit you.
  • Vehicle damage: Of course, replacing or repairing your vehicle could be quite expensive after a crash. Why should you pay for it yourself when another driver caused the crash?

Determining the True Value of Your Injury Clam

Choosing to work with our experienced Charles County car accident lawyers can significantly boost the value of your injury claim by considering damages beyond the obvious. We know where to look to uncover types of compensation that you might not have found without an attorney’s guidance and insight. In particular, your noneconomic damages like your pain and suffering are important to reach a fair amount of compensation – do not overlook them!

Some things to consider for your total pain and suffering compensation include:

  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lessened enjoyment of life

Recent Maryland Car Accident Statistics

How dangerous or prevalent are negligent drivers in Maryland? Knowing recent Maryland car accident statistics from the Maryland Department of Transportation can be useful. Our lawyers can analyze available information and integrate it into your claim as needed to strengthen it. We are careful to consider all sources when making your case to give it the best chance of success possible.

A quick look at Maryland DOT 2018 crash information reveals:

  • Crashes caused by an aggressive driver:
    • Total: 4,304
    • Injuries reported: 2,386
    • Deaths reported: 32
  • Crashes caused by a distracted driver:
    • Total: 57,099
    • Injuries reported: 26,939
    • Deaths reported: 189
  • Crashes caused by a drunk driver:
    • Total: 6,900
    • Injuries reported: 3,047
    • Deaths reported: 142
  • Crashes caused by a speeding driver:
    • Total: 10,635
    • Injuries reported: 4,682
    • Deaths reported: 76

Hurt & Can’t Come to Our Office? We’ll Come to You!

When we say that the needs of our clients are our top priority, we truly mean it. We are ready and willing to visit you to discuss your case if your injuries are keeping you at home or in the hospital. You can even schedule a visit on the weekend or during the evening if it is more convenient for you. Whatever we have to do to make your case easier on you is what we will do.

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I was in a terrible car accident. Mr. Robert Castro was right there for us through the matter of this car accident. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to handle absolutely all of my paperwork etc… with the courts /MVA while I took the time to heal from this car accident. It really made healing a lot easier knowing that you had someone as Law office /Mr. Castro on your side and doing everything possible to make the matters go smoothly for us while I was laid up healing. The Cherrico family highly recommends The Law Offices of Mr. Castro and Associates to help you and or your family at a time of needing someone on your side so that you and or your family member can be stress and worry free to heal in peace. We are very thankful for this law office and the time they took to make sure we all were taken care of while they took care of all the important matters on the other end. Thank You, Mr. Castro, The Cherrico Family 2017/2018.
L. Cherrico

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