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It’s estimated that a single pharmacist in Maryland fills over 25 prescriptions per hour. This is an extremely delicate process that necessitates both patience and concentration. Unfortunately, pharmacists often need to deal with lines of restless patients and indecipherable prescription orders. Even so, this is one medical field where a single error can have devastating consequences.

Medication errors harm over 1.5 million patients each year. If you’ve been harmed by a prescription error, contact the Waldorf, Maryland medical malpractice attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A. Medical professionals have a legal and moral obligation to provide a reasonable level of care to their patients. When a pharmacist or doctor is negligent, they deserve to be held accountable by state and federal medical malpractice laws. Our trial-tested legal team has over 50 years of the collective experience and can guide you through each step of your legal journey. With our help, you can recover damages and protect other patients from being similarly injured in the future.

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Defining a “Medication Error”

Americans rely on doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and dispense curative and life-saving medications every day. When you’re given the wrong medication or an inaccurate dosage, it can lead to dangerous and life-threatening physical and cognitive side effects. In a worst-case scenario, a medication error can even be responsible for a patient’s death.

Medication errors occur when medical professionals:

  • Prescribe or dispense the wrong medication
  • Prescribe the wrong dosage
  • Mislabel a prescription
  • Misread the original prescription order
  • Make a mistake in the formula process

From the moment your prescription is ordered by a doctor, there are countless opportunities for an administrative mistake to compromise your medication. If you’re ready to take legal action, it’s important to contact a qualified and experienced law firm as soon as possible. The sooner you pick up the phone, the quicker we can investigate your case!

Hospitals and their legal teams are diligent about protecting their public and professional image. This means that they are willing to fight tooth and nail to keep you from recovering damages. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A. have the skills and experience to litigate for your best interests in court. We can consult with qualified medical professionals and help you file your “certificate of qualified expert” before the 90-day deadline.

The Statute of Limitations

Per the statute of limitations in Maryland, you have 5 years from the date of the incident to file a medical malpractice claim. Of course, not all injuries are immediately noticeable, especially when it comes to medication errors. For this reason, Maryland also has a “discovery rule,” which allows you to file a claim within 3 years of your injury’s discovery.

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If you’ve been injured by the negligence of a medical professional, contact the Maryland medical malpractice attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A. We can investigate your case, compile applicable evidence, and consult with medical experts to prove causation. Our priority as a law firm is to help you recover damages that safeguard your quality of life.

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