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According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 38.4% of men and women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. With nearly 600,000 people dying from cancer each year, patients need to be diligent about scheduling routine physicals and seeking immediate medical treatment as soon as they begin noticing symptoms of illness. But what happens when your doctors fail to properly diagnose your symptoms?

Most cancers respond to treatment so long as they are quickly detected. Sadly, negligent and overworked doctors in the United States frequently misdiagnose cancer symptoms because they are encouraged to quickly cycle through patients. If you or a loved one has suffered or passed away due to cancer misdiagnosis, contact the Maryland medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A. We can investigate your case, consult with medical experts, and help you pursue justice against any negligent parties.

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What Constitutes Misdiagnosis?

Modern medicine has made remarkable advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Because cancer cells quickly multiple and metastasize, early detection is often the key to a patient’s survival. When a doctor fails to diagnose your symptoms, it delays your treatment program and reduces your chance of survival. It also means that you may have to experience more invasive surgeries and aggressive treatment programs.

Cancer misdiagnosis often occurs when doctors fail to:

  • Complete a thorough physical examination
  • Recommend or provide cancer screenings
  • Immediately contact or treat the patient when symptoms are detected
  • Recognize the early warning signs and symptoms
  • Order tests
  • Refer patients to appropriate medical experts

During your initial consultation, we can evaluate your case and thoroughly explain your legal options. By investigating your case, we can compile evidence and develop a strong litigation strategy that proves your doctor’s act of negligence is responsible for your current condition.

Cancer misdiagnosis often leads to:

  • Premature death
  • Inoperable cancer
  • Severe physical pain
  • Harmful side-effects
  • Expensive and invasive treatments
  • Loss of limbs or organs
  • Long-term disability

If your doctor failed to misdiagnose your cancer symptoms, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim. If your lawsuit is successful, you may be awarded damages that account for your physical and financial hardships. For example, you may recover compensation for your current and future medical expenses, loss of wages, long-term care expenses, and other non-economic damages. If you’re filing on behalf of someone who passed away, you can also receive damages for your pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and burial expenses. You can also take some comfort in the fact that you held the negligent doctor and hospital responsible for this act of injustice, hopefully protecting future cancer patients.

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At the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A., we understand that restitution can’t make up for a person’s otherwise preventable suffering or death. Even so, there are many financial repercussions associated with cancer misdiagnosis that you deserve to be compensated for. Our experienced and trial-tested legal team is dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of our clients. If you’re ready to take legal actions, turn to our Maryland medical malpractice lawyers.

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