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Personal Injury Attorneys in White Plains, Maryland

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, our personal injury lawyers in White Plains, Maryland understand just how quickly our community is growing, as we are seeing an expansive population sprawl from the adjacent communities.

While our community is only comprised of 8,000 people, our Charles County residents see growth everywhere, including in our traffic patterns, restaurants, and retail outlets.

As our area continues to expand, so will the opportunities for negligence, including reckless drivers, and hazardous premises that can jeopardize our residents’ livelihoods without notice.

Our personal injury attorneys in White Plains know that when negligence is a factor, people can and will get hurt, whether it is in a car accident with an impaired driver, during a slip and fall accident at a local grocery store, or when they encounter hazards elsewhere.

When they do, we are available to listen to the details of your accident and how your injuries affect your life during a free consultation. Even if you are not available to meet during the day, we will make ourselves available on evenings or weekends, so your story is heard by an experienced lawyer without detail.

If your case is eligible, our responsive Maryland injury attorneys will represent you on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay our legal fees if we do not win your case.

Personal Injury Lawyers in White Plains, Maryland Practice Areas at the Law Office of Robert Castro

Pursuing a personal injury case on your own can be overwhelming, which is why our White Plains attorneys provide a straightforward approach producing results.

You need medical care and time away from work to heal, and both of those requirements are costly. Our personal injury lawyers in White Plains believe you should not have to pay for those costs out of pocket when someone else’s negligent behavior caused your harm.

We represent clients who have been hurt in the following personal injury practice areas:

If you have been hurt in an accident that was caused by someone’s negligence, or if your loved one is unable to pursue a claim on their own after suffering catastrophic injuries, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys in White Plains today schedule a free consultation today.

What are the Most Common Personal Injuries that Occur in White Plains, Maryland?

All personal injury claims are unique, and so is the way our White Plains lawyers’ approach to pursuing results for our clients.

No matter what type of injury you have suffered, it is going to affect your life until you are fully healed – when you can fully heal. The way your injuries affect your livelihood is how we build our case, so each of your unique needs is fully considered and no detail is lost to chance.

Some of the most common personal injuries that occur during traffic collisions, medical malpractice, premises liability cases, and other accidents include:

Contact our personal injury attorneys in White Plains today to discuss your injuries and begin building your case against the negligent party, so you can focus on your well-being while we devote our resources to pursuing your financial recovery today.

What Type of Compensation May Personal Injury Victims Pursue in White Plains, Maryland?

Like your personal injuries, your pursuit of financial recovery will be unique to your accident’s circumstances.

Our personal injury attorneys in White Plains, Maryland will pursue each financial need you have, including:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Prescription and medical device purchases or rentals
  • Lost wages and/or diminished earning capacity
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities
  • Partial or full disabilities

We will also consider all out-of-pocket expenses that you have incurred because of your injuries, which could include the cost of transportation and over-the-counter medications. We will explore each aspect of your case to ensure we are pursuing the compensation you deserve.

What if I Have Lost a Loved One in an Accident in White Plains, Maryland?

Losing a loved one in an accident of any kind is devastating. When your loved one is lost to negligent behavior, it can be physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming.

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, Maryland personal injury lawyers in White Plains will pursue the negligent party for the financial losses you have suffered, so you can take the time you need to grieve without the stress of money holding you back.

If you lost a loved one to wrongful death circumstances, you may be eligible to pursue:

  • Medical and hospital expenses incurred before the death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Loss of care, companionship, comfort, and guidance

Each wrongful death case is unique and requires an experienced personal injury attorney in White Plains to pursue results. In Maryland, eligible family members have three years from the date of their loved one’s death to pursue a wrongful death claim, which means time is an important factor to get your claim started.

Do not delay or attempt to pursue the negligent party that caused your loved one’s death alone. You have enough to worry about without the stress of negotiating with an insurance company adding to your emotional anxiety. Allow our wrongful death lawyer in White Plains to give you the time you need to grieve while we sort through the details and evidence necessary to build your case.

Local Resources for White Plains, Maryland Residents

If you have been injured in an accident, getting the help you need to recover starts with pursuing medical treatment. Once you understand the extent of your injuries, contact our White Plains personal injury attorneys to learn about your legal rights and options to pursue the financial recovery you deserve.

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