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Can I Be Blamed for My Waldorf, MD Auto Accident if I Was Rear-Ended?

No, not typically. Most rear-end accidents in Waldorf, Maryland, or other parts of Southern Maryland are caused by the driver who was following. Typically, the cause is either the lack of due attention being paid by the driver in the rear or the fact that the driver in the rear was following too closely for the speed and weather conditions. Other common causes include tailgating, aggressive driving, texting or phoning while driving, etc. In Maryland — and every other State — drivers have a duty to drive safely and to be watchful not to cause accidents and injuries to others using the roads and highways. This includes the duty to watch carefully the cars in front of you AND to keep a proper braking distance if something unexpected were to occur up front on the road. Proper braking distance takes into account speed and weather conditions. For example, at a very high speed, more distance is necessary since it will take more distance to brake to a full stop. The same is true of slick roads due to rain or cold weather conditions. Note that in most rear-end collisions, Maryland police officials will issue a ticket to the driver of the rear vehicle on the basis of “following too close.” While a ticket/citation is not proof of legal liability, such is a clear indication of who is responsible for the accident.

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Depending on the circumstances, rear-end car accidents can cause very severe injuries. These include back and neck damage, whiplash injuries, broken bones, damage and injuries to the face, brain injuries, and more. Even low-speed rear-end car accidents can cause serious injuries. So, do NOT assume that a rear-end crash is not serious just because it was a “minor” crash with not too much damage to the vehicles. Soft tissue damage can be serious because of the whiplash and buffeting effects of a rear-end accident. Further, in some cases, the pain and suffering do not begin until later in the day or until the next day. It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention after any sort of rear-end car accident.

Recovery from such injuries might take significant time and cause loss of wages and earnings. Victims of Maryland car accidents are entitled to seek compensation from the at-fault party for ALL damages, including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Act quickly after a rear-end collision because, in Maryland, there is a strict three-year deadline by which you have to file your personal injury lawsuit. Further, it is crucial to talk with a Maryland car accident lawyer before talking to any representative of an insurance company.

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