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What You Should Know About Distracted Driving Accidents in Waldorf, MD

Since cell phones (and particularly smartphones) have become a part of everyday life, distracted driving has been a popular topic of conversation. However, distracted driving has been an issue well before cell phones were invented. This behavior can include many different types of distractions. In any iteration, distracted driving is dangerous. The behavior frequently causes accidents, and those accidents are often severe.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving may include any behavior that takes a person away from the task of driving. Although many people associate distracted driving with the use of a cell phone behind the wheel, there are many other types of distracted driving that do not involve cell phone use.

Distracted driving may be visual (a driver looking at something other than the road), manual (a driver using their hands instead of keeping them on the wheel), or cognitive (a driver thinking about something other than driving).

The following behaviors are examples of distracted driving:

  • Using a cell phone to make calls, text, use apps, take photos, look at maps, control music, and other distractions
  • Eating and drinking
  • Applying makeup, brushing hair, etc.
  • Adjusting the radio, heat and A/C, and other controls in the car
  • Moving or picking up objects in the car

Distracted Driving Laws in Maryland

The laws that govern the consequences for distracted driving are different in every state. In Maryland, all handheld cell phone use while driving is explicitly prohibited. A person who is talking on their cell phone while driving could face fines of $75 for a first offense, $125 for a second offense, and $175 for any additional offenses. Some drivers can also have their licenses suspended. Violations for texting while driving specifically can yield up to $500 in fines. Although other types of distracted driving are not as heavily regulated as cell phone use, any person who drives distracted could incur a general traffic violation such as reckless driving.

Injured in a Distracted Driving Accident?

Distracted driving is unfortunately common, and it’s possible that this behavior was a factor in your car accident if you have been injured in a collision. Evidence such as cell phone records can potentially be used to exhibit a driver’s negligence in these cases.

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