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Where Do Most Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Maryland?

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, our slip and fall attorneys in Maryland have helped our residents hold negligent property owners and operators liable for their lack of care with more than 50 combined years of legal service in our communities.

When our residents are injured in a slip and fall incident while on someone else’s property, they may hold the owner liable for their financial recovery through a premises liability claim, when we can prove they were permitted to be on the premises and negligence caused their harm.

Our personal injury lawyers in Maryland develop these important cases by discussing the dangerous circumstances that caused our clients’ injuries immediately after they happen. And while slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, there are often several locations where these injuries occur more often.

What are the Most Common Slip and Fall Locations in Maryland?

Business and property owners have different responsibilities of safety for varying categories of individuals who were injured on their premises.

Under Maryland law, there are generally four legal categories of individuals that set the legal standard for how we can pursue a personal injury claim, including the invitee, licensee by invitation, bare licensee, or trespasser.

But first, it is important to know that many slips, trips, and fall accidents happen in highly trafficked public places.

They include:


Restaurants have many potentially dangerous conditions, including poorly lit walkways, loose floor mats, uneven or broken stairs, and even something as simple as spilled food or drinks in walkways throughout the premises that are not properly or quickly cleaned up.

Grocery Stores

Recently mopped or waxed floors that are not identified with warning signs, ripped or torn floor mats, spilled liquids, broken containers, and products that are not safely stored can cause slip and falls and tripping hazards that lead to serious injuries.

Retail Businesses and Shopping Malls

By design, retail stores, shopping malls, and other commercial outlets are large areas — typically tens or even hundreds of thousands of square feet — where any negligent activity can lead to serious injuries.

Water leaks, spills, or debris can turn walkways into hazards that cause severe injuries when the staff is not working diligently to ensure their space is safe.

These spaces also have stairs, elevators, or escalators that can cause serious injuries when they are broken or malfunctioning, placing shoppers in danger every minute they go unfixed.

Entertainment and Sports Venues

Dangerous premises exist when there are broken safety barriers, including missing or damaged handrails or railings that go unchecked by safety crews long enough to cause injuries.

These large venues can also become overcrowded, which can cause serious fire hazards or other injuries during emergency exits, not to mention inadequate security, which can lead to violent or criminal activity that causes injuries or even death to those on the premises.

Warehouses, Construction Sites, and Other Workplaces

Unsafe conditions or structures, like construction sites or areas where roadwork is not properly safeguarded, can lead to significant injuries or even death when an unsuspecting individual or driver encounters the unsafe site.

Likewise, workplace injuries can occur any time warehouses and construction sites are interrupted by negligence, including slips and falls, falls from heights, or even more commonly, individuals being struck by or against an object.

Have You Been Injured on Private, Public, or Government Property in Maryland?

Dangerous conditions caused by negligence can lead to severe injuries throughout Maryland, and when they do, the property owner or operator must be held liable for your financial recovery – and to ensure the danger is corrected, so no one else is injured going forward.

If you have been hurt on public, private, or government property, contact our experienced slip and fall attorneys Maryland at the Law Office of Robert Castro in Maryland by calling (301) 870-1200 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case today.