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  • Understanding Types of Visitors for Maryland Premises Liability Claims

    Under premises liability law in Maryland, a property owner has a legal duty to keep his or her premises safe. If there is a dangerous condition on the property, then the owner is the one responsible for correcting it or posting a warning at a minimum. When they do not honor this obligation, you as […]

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  • IKEA’s $46 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

    Today’s news contains reports of a $46 million wrongful death settlement to be paid by the furniture manufacturer IKEA to the parents of a 2-year-old child who was killed in 2017 when an IKEA dresser his parents purchased in 2008 fell on top of him in his California home. According to USA Today, IKEA previously paid […]

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  • Determining Liability in Maryland Premises Liability Cases

    Attempting to determine liability for a Charles County auto accident can be complex, so you can imagine that premises liability cases can be even more difficult. Depending on the circumstances, multiple parties may be responsible for injuries sustained in an incident that falls under the general premises liability header. This is why it is so […]

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  • Is a Condominium Association Liable When a Guest is Injured in a Common Area?

    As the holidays approach, friends and families look forward to gathering together to celebrate, often in one another’s homes. The excitement of these gatherings can quickly deflate, however, when an injury occurs. When a friend or family member is injured in a common area of a condominium – like a hallway or a lobby – […]

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  • What Happens if You Slip and Fall at Work in Maryland?

    Slip and fall accidents occur when someone slips, trips, falls, or is otherwise injured on someone else’s property. In situations in which the property owner is found to be at fault after not taking proper precautions to keep the property safe, then the injured party may receive compensation for his or her injuries. Slip and […]

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  • Maryland Property Owner’s Duty in Slip and Fall Cases

    Slip and fall accidents are not uncommon anywhere in the country. In most cases, the incidents are caused by the victims’ own unintentional actions. However, there are some slip and fall cases in which someone else’s negligence plays a role. In these situations, the property owner may be held accountable for a victim’s injuries. Slip […]

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  • Carnival Accidents

    With summer here, it is a popular time for carnivals and fairs, and that means carnival rides. So, what happens if you have an accident on one of the rides? Who is at fault? Mobile carnival events have the same requirements for safety as a fixed theme park. Fatalities are not common, but sometimes injuries […]

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  • Premises Liability

    The owners and possessors of property are responsible to keep their property safe. This may include maintenance and upkeep, taking appropriate security measures, and ensuring that property is in compliance with building and safety codes. If adequate safety measures are not taken and someone is injured as a result, the owner may be subject to legal […]

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