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  • Negligence Defenses in Maryland

    If you are presenting a claim for injuries and physical damages suffered as a result of an automobile accident, the insurance company and/or defense attorney will try to claim that you were at least partially responsible for the accident. These tactics are important to be aware of, as they may in some instances bar you […]

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  • Car Accident Ejections

    In January, a Maryland woman was tragically killed while traveling westbound on Interstate 68 when she lost control of her vehicle due to icy road conditions. The car veered into the grass median and struck a guardrail, at which point the vehicle overturned and slid into the eastbound lanes. The driver and one of the […]

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  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents

    Last month in Landover, a woman was tragically killed in a multi-vehicle accident that involved a total of nine cars. The pile-up occurred after a driver, who was speeding and driving recklessly, struck the victim’s car, causing both vehicles to crash into seven other nearby vehicles. The victim was immediately transported to the nearest hospital, where she […]

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  • Car Accidents and Pregnant Victims

    Car Accidents and Pregnant Victims Maryland experiences some of the most severe weather in the United States, especially during the winter. The presence of snow and ice creates a significant risk to motorists, who are much more likely to be involved in automobile accidents when there is inclement weather. Pregnant women are especially susceptible to injury in […]

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