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  • Wearing Mask
    Is COVID-19 an Occupational Illness in Waldorf, MD?

    While you can try to file a COVID-19-related claim for workers’ compensation in Maryland, it probably won’t be approved. Maryland has special definitions for occupational diseases in § 9-502 of the state Workers’ Compensation Act. Because COVID-19 does not match the language of this law, employers and insurers are unlikely to payout COVID-19-related claims. Hard-to-Prove […]

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  • Cyclist vs Car
    Preventing Bicycle Accidents in Waldorf, MD

    You may not be able to prevent someone else’s negligence, but you can control your own behavior. Additionally, you can take certain precautions to help prevent bicycle accidents – both before and during your ride. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks from around the web to help you make the most of your bicycle adventure […]

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  • Boating
    Staying Safe This Summer with Must-Know Boating Safety Tips in Waldorf, MD

    Boating is one of the most popular ways to beat the heat in the summer and have fun doing it, especially in coastal states. If you are planning on hitting the sea, ocean, pond, river, or any other body of water this summer, then you should first review some must-know boating safety tips. The more […]

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  • Summer Family Beach
    Summer 2020: How to Stay Safe and Have Fun Amid COVID-19

    With warmer weather and relaxed restrictions, many people are wondering what is allowed this summer. Generally, experts encourage being outside, as long as you are away from other people. As one pulmonologist explained to Everyday Health: “Going outside is great for your physical and mental health, but it’s important to keep in mind how the virus […]

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  • Marriage Licenses
    Maryland Marriage Licenses and Certificates: What to do Before and After the Big Day

    With springtime just a month away, many recently engaged couples are excitedly anticipating the arrival of long-planned wedding days. According to, almost 80% of weddings take place between May and October. At all of these events, beyond the music, flowers, cake, dresses, suits, and all the other details that will make the day memorable and […]

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  • Maryland Divorce
    Dividing Retirement Benefits in the Case of a Maryland Divorce

    In a divorce case, the division of property that the spouses acquired during the marriage can be a complicated and contentious matter. When the parties are not able to work out by themselves how to divide their marital property, the decision will be made by the courts. In Maryland, marital property is divided according to […]

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  • Piller
    School Injuries in Waldorf, MD

    School Injuries Children spend much of their time at school and are often injured during the course of their time there. Sometimes, their injuries are caused by dangerous conditions on school grounds or by the neglect or wrongdoing of teachers or other school employees. If a child’s injury is attributable to the school’s negligence, the […]

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  • blog img
    Volkswagen Emissions Legal Investigation

    In mid-September, Volkswagen publicly admitted that it had cheated during the emissions tests on as many as eleven million of its “clean diesel” engines. It has since come to light that the vehicles were equipped with computer software that could detect when an emissions test was taking place based on engine operation, air pressure, monitoring […]

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