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  • How the Auto Insurance Claims Process Works in Maryland

    For most drivers involved in an accident, this may be their first time filing an insurance claim or dealing with injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence. It is important to understand how the claims process works as well as the benefits of retaining a knowledgeable Maryland car accident attorney. Here are a few helpful tips […]

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  • New Maryland Vehicle Laws in Effect as of October 2017

    When October 1st rolled around, a number of new laws went into effect in Maryland, including ones that involve vehicle operation and insurance. Some of these are important to note as they can impact your liability in an accident and potentially affect a claim for damages. Passing to the Right: Use of Shoulder Effective now, […]

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  • New Law Requires Mandatory Disclosure of Insurance Policy Limits

    In past years, in lawsuits concerning vehicle accidents, insurance companies in Maryland were not required to disclose the limit of a client’s policy to other parties. In 2011, the state legislature changed this by passing a law that required insurance providers to divulge an insured client’s coverage. In order gain the information, the claimant must have […]

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