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    Is Purchasing the Minimum Maryland Auto Insurance Coverage Enough in the Event of an Accident?

    Maryland is no different than other states — there is a required minimum amount of auto insurance you are required to carry in the state. This is to protect you in the event you cause an accident and injure someone else and/or cause damage to their property. In the event your insurance limits are too […]

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  • Determining the Value of a Scar

    Serious Maryland car accidents can result in a variety of injuries, some of which can leave permanent scarring. They can be caused by broken glass or impact with a part of the vehicle’s interior, or scars that are a result from surgery for injuries sustained during the accident. In other personal injury matters, scarring from […]

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  • Why You May Not Realize You are Injured Immediately Following a Car Accident

    A lot of insurance companies try to downplay the value of your lawsuit by using the argument that you did not claim any injuries at the scene, or right after the accident. Some people may wonder why they do not notice their injuries right away, but it is pretty common due to the pure shock […]

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