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Car Accident FAQ’s

No one leaves their home or office or location thinking off the top of their head, “I’m going to get into a car accident today!” In reality, car accidents are one of the most common, unplanned, and traumatic experiences one can go through that has serious potential ramifications for the rest of one’s life. And, in some extreme cases, a car accident can permanently change one’s life too. Given how random accidents can be, it’s also quite common for those involved to have a lot of questions about what to do next. Here are critical answers that can help give direction right away, affecting legal consequences down the road. As Maryland car accident lawyers, the Law Office of Robert Castro can help make sense of a car accident incident, especially on what to do next for recovery.

How can a Maryland car accident lawyer help me?

One of the best resources one can have right after an accident is an objective advocate. An attorney can help gather critical facts, evidence, witnesses, and details that become essential in a successful personal injury case later. Being the direct party involved, it’s quite easy to be caught up in emotions or miss subtle pieces of information that are important in showing responsibility.

How is Fault Determined in a car accident?

Generally, car accidents fall into the legal category of personal injury and negligence. People are contained by vehicle laws and expected to drive and perform their duties on the road for the safety of others. If that is not followed, and harm happens, the driver causing the accident can be held responsible. How much and for what damage depends on how the legal proceedings develop. Many people use insurance for this risk, and insurance companies can then settle fault without going to court or disputing the matter for longer. So, what seems like a fault may not matter if settled.

How long will it take to resolve my car accident claim?

There is no set generic clock for how long a car accident claim can take. However, once a lawsuit is filed, the court ultimately expects the matter to follow procedure and ultimately be scheduled for a trial if it cannot be resolved. This process is not fast though; it can take years to reach the trial stage. Many car accidents are instead settled to avoid the costs of trial.

What Should I Do After a Car Crash?

Our priority is your safety. Focus on getting to safety or help if needed. Dial 9-1-1 for an emergency medical response if you can and if needed. If you’re not feeling seriously injured, don’t try to figure out all the details of what happened. Instead, just try to use your camera phone to photograph anything you can and get the contact information of the other driver.

What are Common Injuries After Car Accidents?

Common injuries include whiplash, bruising, broken bones, sprains and muscle tears, concussions, and just about everything that can happen when being thrown around violently by an impact. Many injuries can be internal and not apparent right away but show up later with serious pain and long-term recovery.

Who Pays the Bills After a Car Accident?

If one has medical insurance that is typically the first resource charged. Ultimately, however, any out-of-pocket cost has to be paid by the injured party for continued medical help. Ideally, one holds the responsible party accountable and the cost shifts to them, reimbursing immediate expenses paid.

What do I Document After my Car Accident?

In short, document anything and everything you can. Photograph everything, take notes if possible, and try to get cards or printed information about every interaction. Then it should all be given to your attorney to use for case details and evidence.

How Do I prove Someone Else is Responsible for my Car Accident Damages?

You don’t. This is the job of an attorney. Your lawyer shows responsibility both to other parties, insurance companies, and ultimately the court.

What is Contributory Negligence in Maryland?

Among the 5 states that use contributory negligence versus other legal theories for personal injury, Maryland adjusts the value of a negligence lawsuit by a determined percentage of each party’s negligence proven in the case. Since accidents involve at least two parties, lots of mistakes can be made and proven, typically ending up with no one getting 100 percent recovery or dismissal. Many cases are mixed because of this state law approach.

Is Maryland a No-Fault State for Car Accidents?

No, Maryland is the opposite, being an at-fault legal doctrine state for negligence and vehicle accidents.

What is Maryland Personal Injury Protection Claim?

These are claims that are filed where a personal injury protection policy is in place and, regardless of who is really at fault, the policy covers a reasonable amount of medical costs and lost wages for the covered party and passengers in the same covered vehicle.

The above is a lot to consider, and it can be confusing very quickly, especially when hurt in an accident. The Law Office of Robert Castro can help. As a Maryland car accident attorney team, we can represent your interests, recovery, and case while protecting your claim with insurance companies and the accountable party. If you’ve been in a car accident recently, call us. It’s never too late to get started.