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Who is Liable for a Swimming Pool Accidents in Maryland?

Summer is just around the corner, and that means fun in the sun. However, accidents can happen, especially around swimming pools. A seemingly fun day at the pool can turn dangerous, or even deadly in some cases. Slip and fall accidents are common, which can result in significant injuries. Drowning is a common cause of death for children, often caused by lack of supervision at the pool. Who is ultimately responsible for these injuries and possible deaths? Here is what you need to know before heading out for an afternoon at the pool this summer.

Common Types of Pool Related Accidents

Here is a look at some of the more common types of accidents that can occur in or around a swimming pool:

  • Drowning: As previously mentioned, drowning is a leading cause of swimming pool-related accidents. Children are at the greatest risk. Be sure to have proper floatation devices for your young children and never let them swim alone.
  • Diving Injuries: People who jump into a pool head first or from a high point into a relatively shallow pool could sustain life-threatening injuries or die.
  • Slip and Falls: Kids love to run around the pool. When it is wet, it can be even more slippery, causing someone to fall. Warn children not to run around the pool.
  • Electrocution: Water and electricity do not mix. Do not swim during thunderstorms, and watch for faulty underwater lights. If you see a pool light flickering, get out immediately.
  • Defective Pool Products: There is the potential to be injured from defective pool products like a water slide.
  • Chemical Illness: Public pools use large amounts of chemicals to keep the pool clean, however they must be regularly tested to ensure levels are safe. Too much exposure can cause inhalation injuries or chemical burns.
  • Filter and Intake Valve Injuries: When a pool’s filter or intake valve are too high, kids can get sucked in and seriously hurt, or even disemboweled.

Determining Liability in Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool negligence claims can be quite complex, which is why you should speak with a Maryland personal injury attorney to understand what your legal options are. Liability will depend on a variety of factors and the circumstances of the case. An injury due to a parent failing to supervise a child in the pool at home is vastly different from being injured due to a defective water slide at a water park. If you own a pool at home and invite people over, you have a duty to exercise a reasonable standard of care, which can include posting about pool depths and securing the facility when not in use with a lock, fence, or other barrier. A homeowner can be held liable for their inattention or negligence if someone is injured.

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