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Waldorf, Maryland Personal Injury: Airbags Failed to Deploy

Airbags are, of course, crucial automobile and vehicle safety features. If you have been involved in a Southern Maryland auto accident or a vehicle crash in Charles County, Maryland, and your airbags failed to deploy, it is likely that you suffered greater injury than you would have suffered if the airbags had deployed properly. For that additional injury, under Maryland personal injury law, you are entitled to seek compensation. Very likely, some mechanical error, design defect, installation failure or repair failure is the cause of the airbag deployment failure. The “at-fault” party is likely to be a company like the auto manufacturer, the company that designed the airbag mechanism or the company that installed it.

These types of cases are called “products liability” cases and, in Maryland, products liability cases are quite complex. Thus, if your airbags failed to deploy, call us here at the Law Office of Robert Castro at (301) 705-5253. We have deep experience obtaining settlements and money judgments for our clients in products liability and other types of personal injury cases. We are personal injury lawyers located in Waldorf, MD.

Note that there are several potential at-fault parties in a case where airbags fail to deploy. The accident itself may have been caused by the driver of another vehicle. That driver might be liable for a portion of the injuries that were caused. If the Waldorf, Maryland crash involved a big rig tractor trailer, for example, then the owner of the 18-wheeler or the driver’s employer might be partly at fault for injuries that resulted from the accident. And, as noted, whichever company is responsible for the airbags failing to deploy can be held liable. Here again, there may be several companies at fault. The failure of the airbags to deploy might be the result of negligence by two or more companies. Each could be held legally liable for a portion of the injuries that occurred.

As an example, airbags are “modules” that are controlled by computer circuitry and software embedded in the vehicle. The modules depend on a multitude of sensors that are located around the vehicle — like on the front bumper and on the side doors. Airbags are supposed to inflate instantly when the vehicle suffers a sudden impact and has a sudden drop in speed. So, in just this brief explanation, we can see there are many “moving parts” and each of these parts and components must be correctly designed, manufactured and installed for the airbags to function properly. It takes dedicated and experienced Maryland personal injury attorneys to puzzle through the evidence and determine who is at fault. Did the sensors fail? Did the airbag inflation system fail? Did the software have a glitch? These are the types of factual questions that must be asked to ensure that the victims receive their maximum personal injury compensation.

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