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Tips for Helping Prevent a Maryland Auto Accident in Waldorf, MD

Maryland follows the contributory negligence theory regarding liability in accidents. That means that if you are even 1% at fault, you cannot recover any money for damages you sustained. This is one of the reasons it is important to do your best to avoid any collision in the first place. Some collisions cannot be avoided, but being a defensive driver can keep the at-fault party from trying to pin any liability on you as a way to get out of paying your damages.

Be Mindful of Your Blind Spots

Be sure your rearview and side-view mirrors are well-adjusted to account for potential blind spots. However, do not rely solely on your mirrors before making a lane change. Turn to look in the path you plan to travel, as it keeps you from missing something that was not visible in your mirrors. In addition, try to keep out of other driver’s blind spots. Big trucks are especially prone to large blind spots, so do not travel where a truck driver can not see you.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Safe and Well-Maintained

Newer vehicles have a host of advanced safety features built into them. However, a brand-new vehicle means nothing if it is not properly maintained. Get regular maintenance and do checks of your tire pressure, oil levels, etc. Ensure your engine is running smooth, as well. Driving a vehicle that is not well-maintained can result in your vehicle breaking down, which could contribute to an accident.

Ensure You are in a Good Condition to Drive

Vehicle maintenance is important, but so is ensuring you are able to drive. This not only refers to not drinking and driving or driving while fatigued, but your overall health plays an important role, too. Make sure you get your eyes and ears checked regularly. If you are on medications, ask about any potential impact on your ability to drive. If your medication has the potential to cause drowsiness, ensure you are getting extra sleep before getting behind the wheel.

Watch for in-Car Distractions

In-vehicle distractions extend beyond the risk of texting or talking on the phone and driving. With all the new electronic advances, your vehicle can become a distraction in itself. Before you start to drive, take the time to set the GPS and ensure your phone is connected to the speakers via Bluetooth in case you receive a call. If you have kids, make sure they are settled in and entertained to keep you from being further distracted.

Unavoidable things can happen, including disagreements with other passengers while on the road. Consider pulling off the road to resolve the matter, or if you had an argument earlier, wait until you are calmer before getting behind the wheel again.

Retaining a Maryland Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a collision that was not your fault and you sustained injuries or physical damage to your vehicle, you need to speak to a skilled Maryland car accident attorney right away. With insurance companies looking to place even 1% of liability on you, you need someone who will protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Office of Robert R. Castro at 301-870-1200 to schedule a complimentary consultation.