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Social Media Don’ts after a Car Accident

You should avoid posting certain things on your social media pages, and sharing information about your accident is one of them. If you are a victim of a car accident, it’s natural to share specifics of the unfortunate incident with your social media followers and friends. But did you not think that sharing pictures of your car accident on your social media can decrease the chances of winning the case?

Find out how auto accident lawyer Waldorf MD will help you. And keep reading to find out why you should refrain from posting information about your accident on your social media.

What not to post on your social media platforms?

If you seek the help of the Law Office of Robert Castro, the first thing they will advise you on is to refrain from posting information about your accident online. Why? Because they know that it is tempting for most drivers to vent on their social media pages after being involved in an accident. And even after the accident. Most of them would share chilling details of their horrible accident on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Tik Tok, or YouTube. Some don’t know that posting photos, videos, and comments about the case will jeopardize their claim.

What you should avoid

Avoid sharing information about your check-ins in a bar, pharmacy or mention the kind of medication that you had on the day of the accident. Such details can have unintended results on your claim. The other driver or your insurance can use it against you, and prove that the medical resulted in an accident.

Remember, anything you post on social media can be evidence that defense attorneys can use. The legal defense of the other driver can use any information to undermine your case, and sometimes even win it. So it is best to make all your social media accounts private. At least while your case is pending. Don’t wait too far long after being involved in an accident; first and foremost, make all your social accounts private. Then contact a personal injury attorney Waldorf to represent you.

Here are some of the things that you should avoid posting on social media after the accident:

  • Avoid commenting on other people’s posts about your accident.
  • Never share videos of yourself at the gym, as the legal defense of the other driver may use it to prove that your injuries were not serious.
  • Avoid sharing check-ins on social media.
  • Avoid posting pictures of yourself shopping or hanging out with friends in a bar.
  • Avoid accepting new friend requests from people you don’t know.

And never make the mistake of deleting anything on your social media page. Spoliation is a serious crime. The National Law Review interprets it as spoliation, which is an act of destroying or altering evidence. Find out how auto accident lawyer Waldorf can help you win your claim.

How social media can harm your legal case and recovery

Defense lawyers and insurance companies, at any given time, can use social media posts as evidence. That could be pictures, videos, and statuses that you post that can harm your legal case and recovery. For instance, if you have injured your back but post videos of yourself dancing and enjoying yourself, that video can be used to prove that you’re fit.

If you consult a lawyer, you will find out what you should avoid posting online. For example, a Waldorf car accident attorney can advise what you should post on social media and what you shouldn’t.

Here is Accident injury lawyer Waldorf MD advice on what you should avoid posting:

  • Never post pictures of yourself at work while claiming lost wages.
  • Never post photos of yourself drinking alcohol or doing drugs.
  • Never share any confidential information regarding the pending case.
  • Never post videos of yourself venting about the accident.
  • Avoid being tagged on a post regarding your accident.

If you find it hard to stay away from social media, do yourself a favor, avoid posting about your case on any social media platform. You should strictly use social media to catch up on the latest news, then sign out.

How your attorney can help

When you consult a legal expert like Waldorf auto accident attorney, you’ll know that you work with someone who has previously handled many accident cases. If you have suffered losses or injuries that rendered you unemployed, a personal injury lawyer in Waldorf MD, will be there for you.