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Six Reasons to Hire a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney in Waldorf, MD

Being involved in an injury accident can be a traumatic experience. You may be thinking you can handle everything on your own, but you can suddenly feel overwhelmed. Retaining a Maryland personal injury attorney can be the most important decision you make, so it is important to choose an attorney who is right for you. The following are several reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney.

Benefit of Experience

A personal injury attorney has experience handling personal injury cases. You want to choose an attorney who has experience handling your particular type of case, so you do not need to worry about doing a lot of research. Plaintiff attorneys are good negotiators and will not settle for a lowball or unfair offer. A majority of personal injury claims in Maryland are resolved through negotiations and settlements rather than at trial, which means having a good negotiator on your side is key.

Knows the Other Side

The legal world is pretty small, which means there is a good chance your personal injury attorney knows the attorneys from the other side and is familiar with the judge if the case proceeds into litigation. Knowing about the other side can present an advantage as your attorney knows whether the case is likely to settle, how they are in court, etc. It can also make the whole process less contentious. Attorneys can work together to come to reasonable and fair solutions.

No Fees

Most personal injury attorneys do not charge an hourly rate but work instead on a contingency basis. That means that if you do not win your case, you are likely not responsible for any attorney fees. You may still be responsible for certain costs, like court costs and fees. You need to confirm the payment arrangement with the particular personal injury attorney you are looking to retain.

Cuts Through the Red Tape

The personal injury process can be complex and confusing. There are a lot of medical terms and the paperwork involved. Your attorney can breeze through the maze of paperwork and legal processes that are necessary to resolve your case.

Experience with Insurance Companies

Just like their experience working with other lawyers, knowing how liability claims work with the insurance company is advantageous to you. Your attorney will not fall for their tricks or feel pressured to settle for an amount that is less than you deserve. If the insurance company is digging its heels in and will not settle, your attorney has no problem taking the matter to court.

Preserving the Statute of Limitations

As with other types of legal matters, Maryland has limits on how long you have to pursue a claim before the statute of limitations runs out. If you are pursuing a claim on your own, you might miss the deadline. That means the other side has no obligation to keep negotiating with you. When you hire a skilled personal injury attorney, he or she will handle all that for you and ensure the statute is protected.

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