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Safety Tips for Driving at Night in Maryland

Last year’s Maryland Crash Data reported that 60% of all speed-related fatal crashes occurred at night. Even when speeding is not a factor, negligence plays a large role in car crashes, truck collisions, or motorcycle accidents in Maryland.

From 6pm to 6am, negligent drivers are more likely to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or disobeying traffic signs and signals when there are fewer drivers on the road.

To help keep our Charles County residents safe our Waldorf personal injury attorneys have a few tips for driving after dark.

Tip One: Practice Defensive Driving

One way to avoid vehicle collisions in Maryland is to ensure you are always paying attention – especially at night – so you are on the lookout for negligent drivers, which may allow you to avoid an accident.

Tip Two: Do Not Drive While Drowsy

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, determining the number of drowsy-driving crashes, injuries, and fatalities is not yet possible, but they are estimated to cause over 325,000 accidents nationwide each year.

If you are unable to keep your eyes open while behind the wheel — or are even semi-distracted by how tired you are — pull over and get some rest. It may save your life.

Tip Three: Follow the Speed Limit

As previously mentioned, speeding at night is dangerous because of lower visibility and less time to react to a pedestrian or another vehicle on our roadways. Be sure to adjust your speed to take these conditions into account.

Tip Four: Use Your High Beams Appropriately

When streets, highways, or rural roads are poorly lit — whether by lack of lighting or malfunctioning poles — use your high beams to help expand your range of vision.

When other cars enter your path, return to low beam use until they pass to ensure you are not interfering with their ability to see what is in front of them.

Tip Five: Protect Your Eyesight

If you are unable to see objects, signage, or other important road markers from a distance, be sure to get your vision checked. Some people require two different prescriptions – one for daytime or one for nighttime. You may simply need glasses to drive at night. Either way, ensuring you can see all potential hazards will help keep you and your passengers safer while driving at night.

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