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New Bill Seeks to Prohibit Children From Riding as Passengers on Motorcycles in Waldorf, MD

In the state of Maryland, there are roughly 70 motorcyclists killed in traffic accidents annually and at least 1,400 riders and their passengers are injured each year. According to Maryland traffic accident data, it has been observed that most of the traffic accidents that occur where a motorcycle rider and/or passenger were involved was due to the fault of the operator of a motor vehicle. Data has shown that most of these accidents are attributed to drivers who are either not paying adequate attention to the road, are impaired drivers, violate the right of way of the motorcyclists, or do not see or hear the motorcycle as it is making its way around the car. Additionally, it is estimated that most accidents that involve motorcycles occur when the majority of the riders are between the ages of 21-49, nine out of 10 of the motorcycle drivers are male, and three-fourths of the passengers are female. In Maryland, 40% of the crashes involving motorcycles occur in Baltimore city, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Harford Counties.

Laws in Place to Increase Safety in Motorcycle Riding

The data is overwhelming about the seriousness of the accidents involving motorcycles. Though there are laws put in place to make motorcycles safer, accidents and associated injuries and fatalities are still happening. These laws require that motorcyclists and their passengers utilize required equipment like helmets, eye protection, and turn signals, and generally, the motorcycles should have auxiliary lighting. Additionally, the law prohibits motorcyclists from driving between the lanes of traffic nor driving more than two abreast in any single lane.

No Current Law Prohibiting Children From Riding Motorcycles

Currently, there are no laws restricting the age of a passenger of a motorcycle. However, a new bill has arrived in the Maryland legislature that looks to prohibit who may ride as a passenger on a motorcycle, due largely to the significant danger associated with the vehicle. Current law only requires that a motorcycle be designed to accommodate a passenger to be legal. If the motorcycle is designed to have more than one person on the vehicle, the passenger may come along for the ride and must sit astride, face forward, and must not interfere with the operator’s view or mobility.

New Law Would Provide Age Ban for Passengers Under the Age of 10

According to the new bill, not only must the passenger ride as designated and is not interfering with the operator’s view or mobility, the passenger must be older than the age of 10 years of age. Between the ages of 10 and 12, the law further designates that any child between these years must be able to reach and rest his or her feet on the footrests of the motorcycle. If the child is not long enough to extend his or her feet to the footrests and is under the age of 12, he or she cannot ride the motorcycle.

Purpose Behind the Age Restriction

The purpose behind this new age restriction for passengers on motorcycles is due to the fact that adults when they ride their motorcycles, they are able to appreciate the risk associated with being on a motorcycle. A child, on the other hand, is not mature enough or able to appreciate the extent of the risk associated with being a passenger on a motorcycle. By creating an age restriction for motorcycle passengers, allows for the children to be better prepared for what to expect on a motorcycle and to understand the rules of the road relating to being a passenger. There are more expectations for a child riding as a passenger on a motorcycle than as a passenger in the back seat of a motor vehicle.

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