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Motorcycle Accidents: Being Struck From Behind in Waldorf, MD

Late last year, a tragic accident in Columbia, South Carolina resulted in a motorcycle fatality. The motorcyclist was traveling west on I-126 when traffic forced both him and the car traveling in front of him to slow down. The car behind the motorcycle collided with the motorcycle, pushing it into the car in front of it. The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital where, tragically, he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. This is in large part due to the fact that motorcyclists have far less protection than do drivers of automobiles. As a result, motorcyclists are far more susceptible to life-threatening injuries caused by collisions with vehicles.

Being Struck from Behind

If two parties involved in an accident were both driving automobiles, this type of accident would be classified as a mere fender bender. However, when one of the individuals was a motorcyclist, this type of collision can have serious consequences. Whether due to poor visibility or a driver’s inattention, being hit from behind by an automobile often results in the death of the motorcyclist.

Safety Precautions

Because being hit from behind is common, motorcyclists should always be aware of the possibility when stopping at an intersection or slowing for a turn. Motorcyclists can also create a “crumple zone” when they are stopped behind a single car at a multi-lane stoplight and there are more cars approaching from behind. In such an instance, motorcyclists can slowly pull in front of the other cars while communicating their intentions to the drivers. This will cushion the rider from possible impact.

Sometimes this option is not available. In such instances, motorcyclists can make an effort to stop to the side of a lane rather than remaining in the center. Rapidly flashing brake lights can also help catch the attention of an approaching driver. Motorcyclists are also encouraged to keep the bike in gear and their right hand on the throttle so that if they anticipate a fast-approaching car, they can quickly move out of the way if necessary.

Generally, motorcyclists should always be vigilant, especially if there is poor visibility, they are traveling at a time when drunk driving is common, or when unexpected stops are made, like at pedestrian crosswalks.

Personal Injury

To recover compensation for injuries sustained in an accident, a motorcyclist must show that the other driver was negligent and that the negligent act was the cause of the accident. To figure out whether a driver was negligent, the court will use a reasonable person standard and ask whether the driver’s conduct was consistent with what a reasonable person would do in a similar situation. If a driver fails to slow at an appropriate rate at an intersection or in traffic and a reasonable driver would have done so, then he or she may be held responsible for negligent driving.

A motorcyclist injured in an accident may be able to recover for the medical costs associated with the injury sustained in the accident. It is also possible to receive compensation for lost wages or pain and suffering.

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