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Major Causes of Large Truck Collisions in Charles County, Maryland

There are countless accidents every day across the roads in Charles County, but some of the most potentially devastating accidents are those involving large trucks. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles, accidents between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle often result in serious injuries, and fatalities are not uncommon. Taking extra caution when driving around large trucks can help reduce your risk of becoming a statistic.

If you or a loved one were injured in a large truck collision in Maryland, it is important to speak with a skilled Charles County, Maryland personal injury lawyer. At the Law Office of Robert R. Castro, we routinely represent clients in Southern Maryland for a variety of types of personal injury claims, including large truck collisions.

Driver Error is Main Cause of Truck Collisions

It should come as no surprise that driver error accounts for the main cause of large truck collisions. However, in many cases, it’s the driver of the passenger vehicle, not the truck, who was at fault. Passenger vehicles cut off truck drivers, stay in their blind spots, and more.

That is not to say that large truck drivers are better and more careful drivers; far from it, in fact. Truck drivers who get behind the wheel while fatigued or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are putting multiple people’s lives as stake. If they are distracted by their phones or something else, they could also cause an accident. The same is true for large trucks going faster than the speed limit or too fast for the road conditions.

Negligent Maintenance or Overloaded Trucks

If a truck driver does not properly maintain his or her vehicle, it could result in an accident if something fails on the truck. Imagine not checking the tires or brakes before heading out on a cross-country trip. If the brakes are faulty or the tires are bald, it could result in a serious accident. It is important to note that not all equipment failures are due to failure to inspect. Sometimes, equipment fails due to a defect at the manufacturer or retailer level that was never caught. In these types of cases, there may be a number of defendants included in your personal injury lawsuit.

Overloaded trucks or improperly loaded trailers can also result in accidents. There are limits that need to be adhered to in regard to weight, dimensions, and size of the cargo carried. There are detailed rules on how cargo should be secured. If the truck driver has too heavy of a load or one that is improperly loaded, it can cause the truck to lose control in a curve or in a sudden stop. This has the potential to result in a catastrophic accident for anyone who is near the truck when it loses control.

Bad Weather

Weather conditions can play a role in all types of accidents in Maryland. Slick roads can cause vehicles to struggle when stopping, so you can imagine how much worse it might be for a truck driver. 18-wheelers are heavy and can take longer to stop. This is why truck drivers undergo special training to learn how to operate trucks in inclement weather. Someone who lacks the proper experience could jackknife or hydroplane in bad weather.

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