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Is It Illegal to Text and Drive in Maryland?

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, our personal injury lawyers in Waldorf know how dangerous distracted driving is to our Maryland communities.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly four out of every five vehicle collisions caused by distracted driving end in injury, and last year alone 3,142 people were killed across the country because of the negligent act.

To curb the increase in these preventable accidents, texting while driving has become a crime in most states in this country — including Maryland.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Association states a driver of a motor vehicle that is in motion may not use the driver’s hands to use a handheld telephone other than to initiate or terminate a wireless telephone call or to turn on or turn off the handheld telephone.

Unfortunately, thousands of people break this law every day.

If you have been involved in an accident with a driving who was texting or talking on a cellphone while behind the wheel, we may be able to help you prove they were breaking the law when they caused your accident with injuries.

How Can I Prove a Driver Was Texting When They Crashed Into My Car?

When a driver is intoxicated when they cause a crash, a simple breathalyzer can help prove their negligence.

When a driver runs a red light, and crashes into another vehicle, witnesses can often testify that the driver broke the law.

However, when a driver is texting when they cause a crash, they can immediately drop their phone and deny that was the case.

With the help of our skilled personal injury lawyers and experienced support staff, we may be able to prove the driver was texting or talking on their phone while driving by subpoenaing their phone records.

Those records will come with a timestamp of all calls and text messages on the at-fault party’s phone, which could help prove your accidents and injuries were caused by direct negligence.

While it may be difficult for an accident victim to request copies of another driver’s phone records, our attorneys will gather all the necessary evidence to prove your case, including phone records by demanding the same from the defendant in written discovery or issuing a subpoena.

Have You Been Hurt in a Crash with a Distracted Driver in Maryland?

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