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How Do I Pick The Right Personal Injury Lawyer for My Waldorf Personal Injury Claim?

It can be difficult to find the right Maryland personal injury attorney to handle your claim. You may be searching for the “best personal injury attorneys in Maryland” and then discover that there are so many personal injury attorneys. “Which is the right one for me?” you may ask. We, here at the Law Office of Robert Castro, think we might be the right Maryland personal injury attorneys for you. We encourage you to call us at (301) 870-1200. But, more importantly, we encourage you to hire competent Maryland personal injury lawyers — even if you do not hire us. You need help with personal injury claims and you want to make sure that you are FULLY compensated for your injuries, including any future complications flowing from the injury. That being said, here are a few thoughts on how to choose the right Maryland personal injury lawyer for you.

You want to have a level of comfort with your Maryland personal injury lawyer. So, make a phone call or use the online contact page. See if you are comfortable with the kind of response you get.

Then, meet with one or more of the personal injury lawyers at the Maryland personal injury law firm. Ask questions about their experience with Maryland personal injury claims. You want a personal injury lawyer with experience in Maryland personal injury law. Personal injury laws vary from state to state and, often, quite significantly. You also want to ask about the law firm’s experience with the type of personal injury you have suffered. Maryland auto accident cases are different from Maryland premises liability cases and from Maryland construction accident cases. Indeed, even within categories, there can be significant differences in how the cases should be handled. Thus, a Maryland truck accident case will entail a different handling than a Maryland motorcycle accident case. In the end, the right Maryland personal injury lawyer for you is one that is experienced, talented, dedicated, and legally skilled.

Aside from those qualities, you also want a level of trust and comfort with what your Maryland personal injury lawyers think your case is worth in terms of compensation and how long before an insurance settlement can be achieved or the case can be resolved through a personal injury lawsuit. Inquire as to the reasons that your case might take as long as your lawyers are estimating. You should also make your needs known in terms of timing. Some personal injury victims have an urgent need for a settlement while others can wait longer for the medical bills and other evidence to arrive. Your level of trust and comfort is enhanced if your lawyers understand some of your personal needs and expectations.

You also want to understand the billing and fees that will be charged by your Maryland personal injury lawyers. Most Maryland personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. That is, the lawyers do not receive fees unless there is a recovery. But, often, expenses are deducted before the contingency fee is calculated. Further, the cash-to-client can also be reduced by such matters as medical, insurance, and medicare/Medicaid liens. Liens are monies due that must be paid from the settlement/jury award before money can be disbursed to the client.

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