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Carnival Accidents in Waldorf, MD

With summer here, it is a popular time for carnivals and fairs, and that means carnival rides. So, what happens if you have an accident on one of the rides? Who is at fault? Mobile carnival events have the same requirements for safety as a fixed theme park. Fatalities are not common, but sometimes injuries do occur.

Earlier this year, a portion of a carousel collapsed at a carnival in Dundalk, Maryland. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, but it could have had a much different outcome. In 2016, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated there were close to 31,000 people who were seen in emergency rooms that year for injuries sustained from theme park attractions.

What Kinds of Injuries are Common in Carnival Accidents?

While getting sick from bad food is certainly a risk, the bulk of injuries received at a carnival involve the rides. Sometimes, a ride can malfunction causing the ride to break down or come apart. People might be trapped under or in the ride. This is why theme parks like Six Flags or Disneyland have such stringent safety protocols and testing. Aside from the ride collapsing, there are other potential malfunctions that could occur, like brakes failing or a cable snapping.

If a ride comes apart, like the recent carousel incident in Dundalk, the portion that breaks loose could strike a person when it is flying about. Other times, people can get their limbs caught in the moving parts of a ride. This is one of the reasons you hear ride attendants always warning riders to keep their hands and arms inside the ride. If a rider is improperly restrained, they could fly out of or get thrown around inside the ride compartment, causing injuries.

Mild accidents might result in some soft tissue damage, scrapes, and lacerations, etc. More severe accidents can result in head injuries, brain damage, deep lacerations, amputations, or broken bones.

Determining Liability for a Carnival Accident

Determining liability for a carnival accident can be challenging. The culpable parties can vary based on the circumstances. Perhaps the ride manufacturer warned against operating this ride in certain weather conditions, but the organizers ignored their guidelines. Maybe the rider did something to cause the accident and did not follow the required safety protocols.

If the ride malfunctioned, the city or county where the carnival is being held could be liable. If the event is on private property, and the premises were not safe, the event organizer could be held liable, as well.

Retaining a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured on a carnival ride, you need a skilled Maryland personal injury attorney. Because an accident resulting from a carnival ride could be a mix of product defect, premises liability, and negligence, there is potential for a complex case with multiple defendants. The team at the Law Office of Robert R. Castro has years of experience in all areas of personal injury litigation. Contact our office online or at 301-870-1200 to discuss your claim and set up a consultation.