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Car Accidents and Pregnant Victims in Waldorf, MD

Car Accidents and Pregnant Victims

Maryland experiences some of the most severe weather in the United States, especially during the winter. The presence of snow and ice creates a significant risk to motorists, who are much more likely to be involved in automobile accidents when there is inclement weather. Pregnant women are especially susceptible to injury in car crashes and other accidents. Last month, five family members, including a pregnant woman, were killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer in Queen Anne’s County. The woman and her unborn child were pronounced dead at the hospital.


Most mothers are extremely careful during their pregnancies. This can take the form of adhering to strict nutritional schedules, exercising, getting enough sleep, and avoiding toxins and dangerous situations in general. Unfortunately, when a car accident is caused by another person’s negligence, there is very little, if anything, that an expectant mother can do to protect herself or her child.

Approximately, 30,000 pregnant women across the country are involved in car accidents every year. Many of these accidents result in serious complications to mother, fetus, or both, including miscarriages, premature births, and defects. One common medical problem experienced by pregnant women who are injured in car accidents is a condition known as contrecoup. This condition occurs when an impact causes a fetus’ head to move abruptly, ultimately causing an injury to the brain. This injury most often manifests as bruising, lesions, or hemorrhaging. Another critical injury common to unborn children is placenta abruption, which occurs when an impact causes a placenta to prematurely detach from the uterine wall. This condition is extremely dangerous to both mother and child, as it is often accompanied by internal bleeding.


A mother can experience a number of symptoms that indicate fetal trauma, including:

• Severe abdominal pain;

• Vaginal bleeding;

• Loss of consciousness;

• Dizziness;

• Fever;

• Intense headaches; and

• Swelling of the face or fingers.

However, outward symptoms are not always present when a fetus has sustained an injury. For this reason, it is extremely important that a pregnant woman who has been in an accident receive immediate medical attention to ensure that neither she nor the baby have suffered any harm.


In Maryland, a person can be held liable for negligently or recklessly causing a car accident that resulted in an injury to an unborn child. If the baby survives the accident, his or her parents can file a claim against the other driver once the child is born and its injuries are recorded. A medical expert may need to testify at trial to provide evidence that the infant’s injuries were directly related to the accident.

A negligent party can also be held liable in the event that a car accident causes injuries to an unborn child that led to its untimely death. Aside from the cost of medical bills associated with the loss of a child, a mother can also obtain compensation for the depression and grief caused by the termination of the pregnancy as well as medical expenses incurred in its treatment.

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