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Car Accident Lawyers in Calvert County, MD: Why Hire Us?

If you have been injured in a car accident, hiring an experienced Calvert County, Maryland auto accident lawyers is important to maximize your compensation. Studies show that car accident claimants “leave money on the table” when they do not hire good personal injury attorneys. This is true even when attorneys’ fees are considered. Here are the “problems” that you avoid by hiring courtroom proven Maryland car accident attorneys.

The Insurance Companies

Most Maryland car accident cases begin as insurance claims. If the matter can be settled with the insurance company (or companies), then the injury and compensation claims do not get filed in Maryland State courts. Dealing with insurance company representatives is never easy or fun. More importantly, insurance company representatives do not take DIY claimants seriously. They will “low-ball” all of their offers, and you may not even know that you are being “low-balled.” They will also try some “dirty tricks,” like suggesting you have no claim because you were partly at fault. This is common in Maryland because Maryland has a comparative negligence statute that prevents injured victims from recovering compensation if they are partly to blame. But, good Maryland auto accident lawyers know that “scam” and know how to respond. Hire the Law Office of Robert Castro, and we will negotiate with the insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve. If not, we will file the lawsuit.

Finding all of the responsible parties

Some accidents are “simple” in that there is only one possible party that can be deemed legally responsible. However, other accidents are more complicated, and there may be other parties that are legally responsible. For example, a mechanical repair shop might be “at fault” for a faulty repair. Or, if the driver who caused the accident was working at the time, their employer might be legally responsible. Hire the Law Office of Robert Castro and we will locate and prosecute all the responsible parties.

What must be proven?

Maryland car accident lawyers know the laws related to accidents. Unlike some States, Maryland requires that victims prove their cases. This means proving the elements of negligence. These elements are duty, breach, causation, and injury. Hiring experienced Maryland auto accident lawyers means that you do not have to figure out how to do that. Here at the Law Office of Robert Castro, we know because we have done it over and over.

Do you know the legal system?

If the insurance company will not settle or will not settle for a reasonable amount, you will have to file a personal injury lawsuit. That can be very complicated since claimants without lawyers will still be required to comply with the legal rules and procedures. Hiring experienced Maryland auto accident lawyers “solves” that problem too. Hire the Law Office of Robert Castro, and we will handle the legal process.

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