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Can I Sue a Maryland Daycare Facility for Negligence?

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. You drop your children off at their daycare facility and go on to work. The dreaded call comes later that there was an accident and your child has been injured. While some incidents are truly accidents, there are others that stem from the negligence of the daycare workers. If a daycare worker is not properly supervising children or fails to respond appropriately in an emergency situation, he or she, or the daycare facility, can be held liable for its negligence.

Maryland Child Care Regulations

Child care is regulated according to Maryland state laws. The Child Care Administration (CCA) and the Department of Human Resources are the ones who license private nursery schools, child care centers, school-age programs, and family child care homes.

There are requirements on staff-to-child ratios, as well:

  • Six weeks to 18 months: One staff member for up to three kids
  • 18 months to two years: One staff member for up to three kids
  • Two years: One staff for up to six kids
  • Three to Four Years: One staff for up to 10 kids
  • Five years or older: One staff for up to 15 kids

There are strict regulations in regard to training, education, CPR, staff medical, background

checks, and more. There are numerous health and safety requirements for facilities, as well. So, what happens if your child is injured due to negligence on the part of the staff or failure to follow the regulations set forth by the laws for daycare facilities?

Pursuing a Negligence Claim

If your child was hurt while at a daycare facility, it is important to speak with a Maryland personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Both your child and you as the family may be entitled to compensation for your child’s injuries. A majority of daycare injuries stem from inadequate supervision in a child care facility.

Proving negligence is only part of the challenge of pursuing a claim against a daycare facility. Tracking down the insurance company to verify coverage is the hardest step in these matters. If the daycare facility is in someone’s home, you may have a challenge determining whether or not the homeowner’s policy will apply. This is why it is important to retain a skilled Maryland personal injury attorney who can assist with these types of matters.

Tips for Choosing Your Maryland Daycare Facility

To reduce the risk of preventable accidents, you need to choose your daycare facility wisely. Do not just rely on online reviews or word of mouth; go out and inspect the facility yourself. Look to see if the room is arranged in a way that lets the staff keep eyes on the kids at all times? What about the structure for the bathroom? Other things to note:

  • Is there easy access to first aid tools?
  • Does the facility have a proper caregiver-to-child ratio?
  • Is there a policy that forbids all types of abuse?
  • Do children have adequate access to water?
  • Is food portioned correctly as prescribed in the schedule?

Contact a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

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