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Can an Insurance Company Legally Deny My Legitimate Car Accident Claim?

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, our car accident attorneys in Waldorf, Maryland are often placed in the position of explaining to injury victims that they will need a Waldorf personal injury attorney to produce the financial compensation results they are entitled to for their collision.

The only reason this is difficult is that we are attorneys, so it seems self-serving,

The reality is, without an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer by your side, the insurance company can deny your legitimate car, truck, or motorcycle accident claim by simply stating they do not believe their policyholder was at fault for the accident.

In fact, in most cases, they will even assert that you — the injury victim — were at fault to keep from paying what you deserve, thereby protecting their bottom line.

Is it fair? No. Is it true? Absolutely.

That is why you need an experienced Charles County traffic collision attorney by your side, so we can help strengthen your case, and hold the negligent driver’s insurance company liable for the complete damages you suffered.

What Reasons Can the Insurance Company Give for Denying My Personal Injury Claim? 

Even when the at-fault party is proven to be the insurance company’s policyholder, they will employ new tactics to avoid paying the recovery amount you deserve for your injuries.

Some of the tactics they use to do so may include, but are not limited to:

  • Pointing to the fact that there was no police report taken from the scene of the accidents, making the crash you said/their policyholder said argument
  • Stating you did not seek medical attention immediately after the accident, suggesting the injuries you suffered were not caused by the accident
  • Talking with the injured person before they get an attorney, thereby manipulating the individual into taking some fault for the collision

We implore all accident injury victims to alert the authorities after their crash, so they arrive at the scene and complete a police report, to seek medical treatment right away to diagnose their complete injuries and schedule follow-up care, and never to speak with an insurance representative without an attorney by their side, so there is no room for the insurance company to deny their important injury claim through one of the previously listed reasons.

How Can the Law Office of Robert Castro Help Me Pursue the Financial Recovery I Am Entitled to for My Injuries?

With an experienced Waldorf car accident lawyer by your side, it will be extremely difficult for the insurance company to deny your claim outright because they know if our attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Castro are representing you, there is solid evidence their driver was at fault for the collision and the resulting injuries.

Our car accident attorneys in Waldorf, Maryland will:

  • Route all communication with the insurance company through our law firm, so you never have to answer their questions without our attorney by your side
  • Outline your complete injuries and additional expenses to pursue the maximum financial recovery for your unique claim
  • Ensure all filing deadlines are met with completed paperwork and demands
  • Negotiate the terms of your settlement to ensure they are fair and just, so you are not left paying for your medical care, lost wages, and miscellaneous expenses out of pocket
  • Litigate your car accident claim inside the courtroom, should negotiations break down at any point when the insurance company tries to force a less-than-favorable settlement agreement on our client

Even if it was clear that the at-fault driver was negligent, resulting in a crash that caused your injuries, do not trust the insurance company to come out and say so. They will not. Nor will they begin the recovery process by offering the best outcome. It is going to be a fight, and you should not have to be the one who takes it on, especially while you are trying to heal. Let us help.

Contact our experienced car accident attorneys Waldorf at the Law Office of Robert Castro by calling (301)870-1200 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case today.  If your personal injury case is eligible, we will provide our legal services on a contingency basis, which means if we do not win your case, you do not pay our legal fees.