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  • bicycle accident
    Bicycle Accidents in Maryland

    Sometimes, an injury you sustained while riding wasn’t your fault. Let’s say you fell off your bike and experienced an injury. Depending on the situation, it may not necessarily have been an issue with clumsiness. Sometimes, it’s someone else’s fault, and the accident had nothing to be with anything you did. At the Law Office […]

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  • Cyclist vs Car
    Preventing Bicycle Accidents in Waldorf, MD

    You may not be able to prevent someone else’s negligence, but you can control your own behavior. Additionally, you can take certain precautions to help prevent bicycle accidents – both before and during your ride. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks from around the web to help you make the most of your bicycle adventure […]

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    Bicycle Laws in Maryland

    In most scenarios, bicycles are treated as motor vehicles in the state of Maryland. Limited exceptions exist in some instances, like occasionally being allowed to ride on a sidewalk. However, as far as rules and regulations go, a bike rider is held to the same standards as any other vehicle. Bike safety is a two-way […]

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  • Piller
    Do I Need to Wear a Helmet in Waldorf, MD?

    Maryland Helmet Law The answer to whether you must wear a helmet in Maryland maybe yes or no. It depends on your age, and whether you are riding a bicycle or a motorcycle. Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. These are called “universal helmet laws.” Another […]

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  • Auto Insurance Coverage
    Bicycle Accidents

    Even if cyclists take all necessary precautions, they are at risk for being injured in a bicycle accident. Bicycle accidents often involve both the cyclist and a car or truck, and accidents involving another vehicle are especially dangerous. Most bicycle accidents, however, are avoidable and are often caused by a driver’s negligence. Causes Most bicycle accidents that […]

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