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Bicycle Accidents in Maryland

Sometimes, an injury you sustained while riding wasn’t your fault. Let’s say you fell off your bike and experienced an injury. Depending on the situation, it may not necessarily have been an issue with clumsiness. Sometimes, it’s someone else’s fault, and the accident had nothing to be with anything you did.

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, we handle cases under bicycle laws in Maryland. As bike accident lawyers, we can determine if you have a possible case and get you the compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. That’s why, if you were in an accident on your bike, you should contact us today to discuss your case.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

You could have been a victim of negligence. Someone might have been supposed to care for the area and didn’t do it as they should, leaving an unsafe area for you to bike. In some cases, the person who was supposed to take care of the space was the state, city, or township, at least in the instance of a roadway or other public space.

The driver in the situation may not have been following the laws of the road, which created an unsafe situation for you as a cyclist. Perhaps the driver didn’t read the road signs or turned where they shouldn’t have.

Speeding is a major culprit of accidents involving a cyclist. The person may have been going too fast and couldn’t control the vehicle enough to avoid you, making them liable.

Distracted driving slows a driver’s reaction time and may lead to an accident if they can’t respond to a situation in time. It frequently happens in accidents involving more than one motorist, but it can also happen when someone is bicycling.

And these are merely some cases where a Maryland personal injury lawyer could help you.

Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

Injuries in a bicycle accident can range in severity. It could be something as simple as falling off your bike and experiencing some bruising. However, the injuries could be more severe and lead to a broken bone that makes it difficult for you to go to work.

Another injury that may happen when you’re on a bike is a concussion. It is a traumatic brain injury, and your brain shifts in your skull and causes chemical changes that lead to several symptoms, like fatigue and memory problems.

You could experience a spinal cord injury from a bike accident. It can vary in severity. In some cases, the damage is severe, and the body can’t repair it. As a result, you’ll suffer from a permanent injury.

These are only some of the injuries that can happen in a bike accident in Maryland.

Liabilities for a Bicycle Accident

While some injuries are the cyclist’s fault, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, it’s the fault of whoever or whatever governing agency was responsible for the upkeep of an area. When it happens with a motorist, it might be the motorist who shouldn’t have followed the laws or paid more attention to the road and their surroundings.

Compensations for a Bicycle Accident

Depending on your situation, which you can discuss with an accident injury lawyer in Waldorf, MD, from our office, you may be entitled to compensation if the accident wasn’t your fault.

When determining a figure for your case, we consider different factors. For one, you will be entitled to money to cover medical expenses, therapy, and other treatment or intervention necessary to address your injury.

We’ll consider any missed work you have to take off and determine a figure that covers how much money you missed earning.

Pain and suffering may also be part of your claim, which is compensation for any mental anguish and pain you experienced from the accident.

At the Law Office of Robert Castro, our lawyer will discuss your situation and determine if you could be eligible for a bicycle injury claim and how much. Our lawyer will then fight on your side to get you what you deserve. Call us at 301-396-7536.