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Importance of Expert Witnesses in a Maryland Personal Injury Case

Many personal injury cases can benefit from the services of an expert witness. These witnesses are professionals and specialists who are considered experts in their respective fields. Their knowledge and experience may help prove your side of the case. If your Maryland personal injury attorney thinks your case could benefit from the services of an expert witness, he or she will discuss options with you, along with the potential costs, as their fees would likely be deducted from your settlement amount.

Reasons You May Need an Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can help you in a variety of different types of cases. Here is a look at some of the situations in which their expertise can help increase your chances at a higher settlement:

  • Cause of Your Collision: Since liability is typically disputed in an auto accident, an accident reconstructionist might help. This expert has a wealth of knowledge in physics and engineering and usually a lot of experience. He or she can recreate how the accident happened and what the results would be. Experts use information form the vehicles, road conditions, and weather to help present a scientific explanation of what happened in the accident and confirm how you were injured.
  • Lost Earning Capacity: If your injuries result in a disability or disfigurement, you are likely unable to return to your previous occupation, earning less than before the accident, or you might not be able to work at all. Having an economic loss expert prepare a report or testify in a jury trial on how your injuries keep you from working can help justify the compensation demand for the loss of your future earning potential.
  • Causation and Reasonableness of Treatment: Sometimes a jury has difficulty understanding your injuries, especially if they are very complex. Testimony from a medical expert can help break down your injuries in a more understandable manner for a jury. Also, some juries may feel you had too much treatment or it was too expensive. An expert can also discuss the reasonableness and duration of your treatment. He or she can discuss future care, rehabilitation, etc. if necessary. Having an expert here could be invaluable to help a jury understand what type of care you will continue to need and what it will cost.
  • Psychological Trauma: People think that emotional trauma is “all in your head” and thus not real. However, a serious accident can leave you with major emotional trauma for which you might require therapy as treatment. An expert can testify as to what you are experiencing and what it will cost to treat your emotional trauma.

How an Expert’s Testimony Helps Your Case

Juries tend to look at experts as more impartial witnesses and view them as objective, which can help your case in a variety of ways. Experts are helpful if you need to prove the other party was negligent, if you need to clarify evidence, or if there are other possible questions a jury may have. Because expert witnesses are respected by most jury members, the additional clarification can help increase the amount of your recovery.

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