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Types of Product Liability Claims in Maryland

If you have been injured by a defective or potentially dangerous product, you may have a valid claim for product liability. Personal injury claims involving defective products can be complex and time consuming. You need the guidance and experience of a skilled Maryland product liability attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

To understand what types of products may be defective and eligible under a product liability lawsuit, here is a look at some of the more common categories for product liability claims.

Children’s Toys

Companies that produce toys for babies and children have the duty to manufacture and sell products they are positive will not injure young children. One of the most common examples is a child’s toy that can cause a small child to choke. Some companies may incorporate warnings about choking, but if they are not doing it correctly, they may still be on the hook for injuries. There is also an added risk of children assuming common household items are toys, like batteries.

Consumer Products

Given that all households use hundreds, if not thousands, of products, everyone has the potential to file a consumer products liability case. The difference with these is that the courts tend to hold the plaintiff to a higher standard when it comes to burden of proof. The reason for that is because many people are injured due to their own negligence. Because Maryland is a contributory negligence state, even 1% of liability on the plaintiff means that he or she is barred from recovery.

Medical Devices

Manufacturers and designers of medical products are held to extremely high standards given that their products are designed to save lives. If their products end up injuring or causing life-changing disabilities, everyone involved can be on the hook for damages.

Automobile Equipment

Automobile equipment is another big source for product liability claims. A component on your vehicle that is supposed to help keep you safe that malfunctions and ends up causing you injuries could spell real trouble for the responsible parties. Vehicle components like defective airbags, tires, or brake systems are common causes of claims. In some cases, the vehicle itself may be defective and cause a rollover collision. If the vehicle itself caused the rollover, then you have a valid claim. But, if you swerved to avoid hitting something and rolled over, it is questionable whether that would end up being a product liability case.

Building Materials

Products built into a home can be dangerous or defective, like lead pipes and lead paint. Defective building materials that include asbestos or arsenic-treated wood may qualify. Older homes are the ones most likely to contain hazardous materials. If you have cancer or a chronic illness, you may want to look at how household materials may have played a role in your illness.

Machinery and Workplace Equipment

Equipment and machinery that is used at home and/or work may fall under product liability claims as well. Workplace equipment injuries are more complex given that they likely fall under workers’ compensation laws, as well. Household machinery, like a Weed Wacker or heater, can also present problems.

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