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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

You have been injured in an accident and you are debating whether you need to hire an attorney or just handle the claim yourself. Initially, it may seem easier to handle things on your own, but a seemingly simple injury, even the simplest of claims, can turn complicated rather quickly. It is easier if you have an attorney involved from the beginning rather than waiting until the case is ready to proceed to litigation. Here are four reasons you should hire a Maryland personal injury attorney from the start, rather than attempt to handle your accident claim on your own.

Free Consultation and Contingency Fees

To start, personal injury attorneys will meet with you at no out-of-pocket cost to you. This gives you the ability to explain your accident and injuries to someone who is trained to deal with these matters, who can tell you what your case may be worth, and let you know what your chances are with reaching a settlement or judgment.

If you sign with an attorney, he or she usually takes your case on contingency. This means that if you reach a settlement, the attorney takes a percentage of that as a fee. You are not out any money up front for costs for fighting your case, which is something that can hinder a lot of claimants from presenting their best case to the insurance company. You might be wondering what happens if you do not recover any money. This means the attorney does not receive any payment, either.

Good Negotiators

One of the hardest things for people to do is negotiate their own personal injury settlement. Part of this stems from the fact that this is obviously very personal, which can affect your judgment. Insurance adjusters deal with this on a daily basis, whereas this may be your first accident and/or your first injury claim. It is easy to let emotions get the best of you, and this is not a strong negotiating position. A personal injury attorney is a trained negotiator and also does not become emotionally charged when negotiating with an insurance carrier.

Trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Personal injury attorneys are trained in ADR techniques, or alternative dispute resolution methods. This can help save you money versus traditional litigation. Some popular examples of ADR are mediation and arbitration.

Preserving Statute of Limitations

Sadly, it is common for victims of personal injury accidents to find that their claims are suddenly cut off and the insurance company is refusing to negotiate any longer. The reason is the passing of the Statute of Limitations. This is the period of time after which a claim is no longer “valid” unless a complaint (lawsuit) is filed with the court. If you do not preserve the statute, you also lose the right to sue the opposing parties. Having a lawyer handling your case ensures the statute of limitations does not pass, causing your right to claim to become extinguished.

Hiring a Charles County Accident Attorney

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