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  • Bicycle Accidents
    Bicycle Accidents

    Even if cyclists take all necessary precautions, they are at risk for being injured in a bicycle accident. Bicycle accidents often involve both the cyclist and a car or truck, and accidents involving ...

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  • PIP, UIM, and Fault-Based Insurance in Maryland
    PIP, UIM, and Fault-Based Insurance in Maryland

    In an auto accident caused by one driver’s negligence or reckless behavior, the at-fault driver is liable for the victim’s injuries. Generally, victims will not deal with the driver directly, but ...

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  • Boating Accidents in Maryland
    Boating Accidents in Maryland

    Earlier this month, a man sustained a leg injury in a personal watercraft accident off the north end of Assateague. The man and his friends had been using personal watercraft around the Ocean City ...

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  • Metrorail Injuries
    Metrorail Injuries

    Metrorail , which is operated by the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and serves commuters in Maryland, the District, and Northern Virginia, has recently made headlines due to its ...

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  • Car Accident Ejections
    Car Accident Ejections

    In January, a Maryland woman was tragically killed while traveling westbound on Interstate 68 when she lost control of her vehicle due to icy road conditions. The car veered into the grass median and ...

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