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Cameron Teich

Cameron A. Teich

Cameron A. Teich, formerly Cameron A. Methner, has been a domestic attorney in Southern Maryland for over eight (8) years dealing with hundreds of cases on divorce, custody, child support, protective orders, petitions for contempt, motions to modify, adoptions, guardianships, division of assets and marital property. She has practiced throughout Southern Maryland, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County and beyond. Cameron was born and raised in Houston, Texas where her love of spicy food and salsa was first born.

Cameron graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst receiving a double major in journalism and legal studies. She then attended the University of Baltimore School of Law, where her grandparents are originally from and where she excelled in the Law School’s Legal Clinic for Mediation and Domestic cases in the Baltimore City Family Division. During law school Cameron also received her mediation training and has since become a child access mediator in Charles County Circuit Court.

After law school Cameron clerked for the Honorable Judge Julia B. Weatherly, now retired, in Prince George’s County Circuit Court. Cameron was able to learn from the Judge who was dubbed, “the diva of domestic issues” the approach that she takes today, no nonsense. Cameron has been fighting for domestic clients ever since, with a get it done mentality and an approachable style. Cameron is a member of the Charles County Circuit Court ADR Committee and has previously been on the Board of Directors for the Center for Children. She loves football and hockey, and loves a good lawyer joke any day. She lives with her Husband in Alexandria, VA.

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