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Brendan CallahanBrendan Callahan

Brendan Callahan graduated magna cum laude from the Catholic University Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C.. He was on the Catholic University Law Review. After graduating, he was recruited to be the Bill Analyst for the House Judiciary Committee of the Maryland General Assembly, analyzing the potential impact of proposed laws and providing legal support to the Chairman. In 1998, Brendan Callahan became a defense attorney and has represented thousands of clients with excellent results.

Brendan Callahan has had numerous high profile cases and has been covered by major media outlets, including Fox News, NBC4, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and others. A sample of articles includes, "This is Not Justice," Washington Post, May 8, 2008 (Discussion of Brendan Callahan's cross-examination of Defendant's father, resulting in the acquittal of his client facing First Degree Murder charges in one hour); "Conviction Thrown Out Over Lack of Evidence," Washington Post, March 27, 2008 (Account of the dismissal of murder charges against client in Prince George's County based on insufficient evidence); "Woman Judged Unfit to be Tried in Murder Case," Baltimore Sun, November 17, 2000 (Summary of Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge's ruling that client could not stand trial for attempted murder because of a mental disorder); "Rape Charges Dropped," Herald Mail, October 28, 2005 (Account of plea in which paper quotes Judge as stating to client, "You should have gratitude for Mr. Callahan for working out this plea").

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