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Divorce is a difficult process, particularly for those whose parent-child relationships stand to be impacted by terminating the marriage. Upon dissolution of the marriage, child custody and visitation agreements will be enforced, thus establishing how parents will divide decision-making responsibilities and parenting time.

If your parenting and visitation time has been denied or otherwise limited by your ex, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. At the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A., we can help you establish, enforce, or modify a visitation order in the state of Maryland.

Types of Visitation

There are three types of visitation:

Reasonable visitation allows parents to mutually agree to terms of visitation. However, the parent with custodial rights does have more power and influence over how long visitation will last and under what circumstances. If the custodial parent is uncooperative when allowing visitation rights, the noncustodial parent can ask the judge to intervene.

Fixed visitation is issued by the judge and relates to how often the noncustodial parent can legally visit the child. For example, the noncustodial parent could be granted Monday and Friday nights, meaning the child would spend those time periods with the noncustodial parent. Judges use fixed visitation when there is a conflict between parents, as this is a good way to ensure the child maintains a stable relationship with both mother and father.

Supervised visitation calls for supervision of the noncustodial parent during times of visitation. Supervised visitation is typically used when the noncustodial parent is deemed unfit to spend alone time with his or her children. For example, if a spouse was abusive in the past, he or she would still have a right to see the children; however, visits would be conducted under the close observation of another adult.

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At the Law Office of Robert Castro, P.A., we handle all types of visitation cases, including those involving grandparents’ rights. If spending time with your children has been compromised in any way, don’t wait to speak to one of the visitation lawyers at our office. We can help you create, enforce, or modify a visitation order.

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